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    Eating Disorder Coaches are specially trained to support people with eating normally in the moment. Coaches are trained to help you identify goals and patterns you want to change. Then they help you make those changes by meeting people in the community to have meals or go shopping. The can support you if you are having urges or slips in normal eating through text, video or phone call support. They work along side our Therapists and Dietitians to help you meet all your recovery goals. Coaches can help identify or remember your strengths as a person to overcome these challenging urges and normalize eating for good and they have lots of great information to share!


    There is a wealth of research on the healing power of mentorship relationships in the recovery world. You can easily see why this relationship is so powerful; whether they are family mentors who have walked the difficult, scary, lonely path of watching their child suffer and heal from an eating disorder or peer mentors who have been to the hopeless depths of an active eating disorder, these are people who have walked in your shoes. They know more than any of us what it takes to hang on until the miracle of recovery takes hold and to have hope for a brighter future.

    Our Mentors have been there and they are trained in the craft of mentorship for eating disorders.

    Coaching and Mentorship

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