• Parents do not cause eating disorders.

    How it Works

    Families have 2 appointments weekly with a combination of the following providers:

    • A Family Therapist
    • A Dietitian
    • A Family Mentor or Peer Mentor
    • An Individual Therapist
    Treatment Length

    Our FBT Program 3 Phases:

    • Phase I families have 2 1 hour sessions weekly and lasts about 12 weeks 
    • Phase II families have 2 hour sessions every other week and lasts 12 sessions
    • Phase III families meet 1 x monthly with their providers for 1-3 months
    Ongoing Care

    We can offer ongoing Therapy, Nutrition and Mentorship or Coaching if the teen would like or we can transfer them back to their original Therapist/Dietitian or refer them to community partners. 

    Family Based Treatment Program

    Our Family Based Treatment Program can:

    • replace Residential treatment
    • speed up recovery with 90% of teens feeling better within 4 weeks
    • act as a step down from Residential, PHP or IOP levels of care

    Family Based Treatment (FBT)

    Family Based Treatment (FBT) is the current leading empirically-supported intervention for adolescents with eating disorders. FBT does not blame the family, but rather encourages the family to come together as a support system. Rather it, empowers parents to manage their chid’s eating disorder through a firm and compassionate focus. The practice coaches parents on how to re-nourish their child back to health, then coaches the family in transitioning nourishment choices back to the adolescent. The ultimate priority is a return to normal development in eating and daily living.

    Research indicates that recovery rates for FBT are approximately 75% compared with approximately 30% to 40% for treatment as usual. FBT providers take an agnostic view of cause certainly biology plays a role and beyond that the research does not provide an explanation of why young people develop these deadly illnesses. What FBT providers know is that no one chooses to have an eating disorder and families don’t cause eating disorders.

    FBT is conducted in 3 phases and typically lasts 1 year in length.

    Family Based Treatment Program