• Elizabeth Betz, Family Mentor & Eating Disorder Coach

    Elizabeth Betz (she/her) is excited to serve as a mentor and eating disorder coach for clients of RCED who will benefit from individualized support throughout their recovery.  Her first experience with eating disorders began four years ago when her daughter was struggling with anorexia.  Her family was fortunate to connect with Julie K. and a variety of educational and support resources throughout their daughter’s recovery.  Her daughter’s journey and recovery ignited a passion for helping others who are striving for recovery from eating disorders and longing to live a fulfilling, healthy life.

    Elizabeth has served as a volunteer with StayStrong Virginia, a nonprofit with the mission to provide resources, education, and support to families and friends who have loved ones impacted by an eating disorder.  In her work with StayStrong Elizabeth facilitates a monthly support group for caregivers and friends who are supporting loved ones with eating disorders.  It was in this group that Elizabeth was first introduced to the role of an Eating Disorder Coach in supporting and mentoring individuals who strive to recover from an eating disorder.  It was not long before Elizabeth had enrolled in the Carolyn Costin Institute Eating Disorder Certification program to expand her knowledge base and learn more about how coaches can be an integral part of a client’s full recovery.  She is currently in the process of completing the coursework with the goal of becoming a CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coach.

    Elizabeth is passionate about helping clients know that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible, and excited to serve as a mentor and guide to support them in their journey.