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    Our care team brings you a blending of evidenced-based therapy, nutrition counseling, mentorship and loved one support sessions. Virtual and in-person.


    What our patients have to say

    “Our daughter is now fully recovered. We feel a relief and gratitude that can hardly be described. FBT works. We were fortunate to find the Richmond Center for Eating Disorders and their unique FBT program. Not only will you get your loved one back, your family will emerge stronger and more united than before.”

    Father of 10 year old daughter with anorexia

    “Our 17 year old son has battled with gagging, coughing and throwing up after meals since he was in second grade. His sophomore year he began playing football for the first time. Excitingly this led to him being offered scholarships to play in college. Our family is grateful that we found Richmond Center for Eating Disorders. Most importantly, they correctly diagnosed our son and were the experts he truly needed.”

    Mother of 17 year old son with ARFID

    “My daughter is the happiest she has been in years. I had heard of other families who stressed the importance of getting to that higher weigh, that true “recovery weight” where the ED sufferer’s psychological challenges dissipate. Now we were actually seeing living proof of its benefits. I cannot express enough gratitude to the Julies for helping us get here.”

    Mother of 18 year old daughter with anorexia

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    Why Our Practice

    Effective Treatment Without Leaving Home

    Care Team Approach

    Our multi-provider approach offers the right amount of support needed to achieve lasting recovery at home.

    Excellent Outcomes

    Highly specialized care and loved ones involved in recovery create results that are often better than going away to treatment.


    We are in network with major insurance carriers for family and individual therapy services.

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